ADHD Notion Life Planner | Ultimate Notion Template, Complete Organization, Notion Dashboard, Notion Personal Planner, Eisenhower Matrix

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ADHD+ Notion Planner: is a complete version with all domains for life organization. It is a minimalist, versatile and customizable digital planning tool designed specifically for individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), although its also adaptable to regular individals who want to invest on a better organization and work productivity.

- This planner harnesses the power of Notion, a popular productivity and organization platform, to provide a comprehensive solution that supports ADHD management and enhances productivity.

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The ADHD Notion Planner offers a range of features that cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals with ADHD. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to navigate and utilize, promoting a streamlined planning experience. The planner is highly flexible, allowing users to adapt it to their unique preferences and organizational style.

One of the key strengths of the ADHD Notion Planner is its ability to break down tasks and schedules into manageable and visually appealing formats. It provides various templates and frameworks that facilitate prioritization, goal-setting, and time management. Users can create to-do lists, set reminders, and establish routines to stay on track and meet deadlines effectively.

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☞ Google Calendar

☞ Important Notes

☞ Promodoro Timer

☞ Next Birthdays

☞ Personal To-Do List

☞ Top Priorities

☞ Urgent Reminders

☞ Procrastination Tracker

☞ Brain Dump

☞ ! Don't forget me !

☞ Reflection and Review

☞ Weekly | Yearly

☞ Yearly Goals

☞ Yearly Calendar

☞ Daily Planner

☞ Morning Routine

☞ Night Routine

☞ Daily Schedule

☞ Things to get done today

☞ Realistic goals to accomplish today

☞ Reward for good day of work

☞ Morning Checklist

☞ Night Checklist

☞ Weather

☞ Today's Money Management

☞ During the day

☞ Health | Self-Care

☞ Health Goals

☞ My Intentions

☞ Index

☞ Reminders

☞ Long-term checklist

☞ Weekly Schedule

☞ Priorities of he week

☞ Materials

☞ Task Management

☞ Eisenhower Matrix

☞ Time Management of the day

☞ Important Dates

☞ Writing Section

☞ Managing Tasks for the week

☞ Resources

☞ Assigments / Projects

☞ Spotify Playlist

☞ Productivity

☞ Project Planning

☞ Inspiration

☞ Skills Development

☞ To Impove

☞ Notes | Reflection

☞ Mind Mapping | Brainstorm

☞ Digital Detox

☞ Important Contacts and Events

☞ Self-Care Activities

☞ Current Medication

☞ Medical Appointments

☞ Check-Ups

☞ Mental and Emotional Brain Dump

☞ Meal Planning and Nutrition

☞ Personal Development Activities

☞ Grocery List

☞ My favorite Recipes

☞ Mindfulness

☞ Affirmations / Gratitude

☞ Self-Care Resources

☞ Workout

☞ Financial Goals

☞ Bank Information

☞ Income Sources

☞ Savings

☞ Monthly Expenses

☞ Holidays

☞ Home and Creative Tasks

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☞ 1 pdf with template link access for Notion app

☞ 1 pdf with youtube link access

☞ Google calendar set up Instructions

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One pdf with the link for the template: open PDF, click on the link and duplicate template!

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ADHD Notion Life Planner | Ultimate Notion Template, Complete Organization, Notion Dashboard, Notion Personal Planner, Eisenhower Matrix

0 ratings
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